Dante - co-owner and pitmaster

“One of my favourite things to do is to cook a boring hunk of meat with a wood fire for hours; and watching it transform into one of the most delicious things the human mind can conceive. To me, it’s the closest thing to magic.”

-Dante, co-owner and pitmaster

“Probably the best barbecue you’ve ever had.”

Our Story

When Robin tasted the first batch of meat Betty (our offset smoker) produced, he saw the future. A smoky but bright future of fire, salt and flavour here in Malmo. So I invited him over for a smoke one day, we kicked the ashes around and discussed possibilities. We thought—with good food, good people and good service, anything is possible.

Weeks later, we started to realise that many people this side of the pond are seriously missing out, not having a clue what true low and slow American barbecue is/tastes like; and that included decorated Michelin star chefs not just your average Joe, or Jane.

So we decided to bring this otherworldly flavour to Malmo, and to your home, literally. Over the years I’ve worked with various types of smoke pits. And frankly, like grandma’s cooking, everything tastes better with a bit of love. Instead of fancy commercial smokers fitted with electric thermostats, timers and processed wood chips, we smoke our products with seasoned logs, pair of gloves, a shovel, and hours of tending the fires.

Be it hot or cold, rainy or windy, it’s Betty against the elements: air goes in, smoke comes out, everything in between cooked low and slow. No compromises. When the stuff looks and feels right, we pull it out of the pit. The rest is history.

“People need to taste this, man. Real barbecue without having to go to a smokehouse? Are you kidding me?!”

– Robin, co-owner and business director

Our Style

Like everything in life, food can always get better especially when cultures clash and new flavours are born. This is why although our business is based on the unwavering belief in century old American traditions of meat smoking, we have strong international influences thanks to Robin’s love for all things food and my Asian roots and love for all things creole.

We also love our planet.

Therefore we fully embrace the noble values of neo-Nordic cuisine and strive towards sustainability by using locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce. We love meat, but we’re good people too!

“We pride ourselves in the detail and dedication to producing the finest BBQ in Malmö and to deliver it to your door.”


Everyone loves BBQ!

Barbecue was what set us apart from the rest of the species. Somewhere down the line some cavemen discovered fire and realised that meat tasted better when cooked over fire. Men went hunting and women became the first pitmasters, tending the fires and awaiting the catch.

Then came knives to cut big pieces into smaller pieces, for sharing and more efficient eating. Fire and tools brought humans together, who formed communities where food and knowledge were shared. Better nutrition and communication led to better brains and eventually early civilisation.

Millions of years later, we are still drawn to the smell and taste of barbecue probably because it’s still in our genes!


Whereas most people associate barbecue with food cooked by direct heat over a charcoal fire for relatively short times, low and slow is the traditional process of cooking at low temperatures slowly for long periods of time, essentially smoking thereby preserving food, primarily animal proteins.

This tradition dates back to 19th century Texas, America, when early German and Czech settlers used local wood to smoke and preserve cuts of meat that were not sold.